Thursday, November 09, 2006

Something To Go, The Regent Singapore

Braised ossobuco Milanese-style

If you walked into a place called "Something To Go," you might expect some quick and easy sandwiches or something for around ten bucks, right? Well, that's what I was thinking. So you can imagine my surprise when I walked in here (1 Cuscaden Road, 6720-8000) and noticed that they had some S$27 (US$16.90) osso buco on the menu. Whoa - S$27 for reheated food in a plastic box?? And osso buco as a takeout dish? (Well, this was the Regent after all.) Ehh...let's see what else they had.

So I looked around some more. They had a number of selections all boxed up and ready to go like all sorts of fancy salads, roasted cod, and one of the biggest slices of lasagna I'd ever seen (generally all for around S$15 or US$9.40). They also had some pre-order menu of local dishes like chicken rice and nasi goreng, some of which had a little airplane icon next to them, indicating that they were part of the "PLANE Delicious" sub-menu for those that would prefer to bring food on board rather than eat airplane food. In the end, none of them really looked that exciting to me, so what did I end up getting? The osso buco.

Well, the good thing is that it turned out decently tasty. The meat was tender, the gravy had a sophisticated scent to it, and most importantly, the marrow featured a darker grainier character and an aroma that almost seemed cheese-like (mmm!). The potatoes were slightly undercooked though, and I wasn't a big fan of the chicken consomme, whose taste didn't strike me as anything spectactular (it also peculiarly featured some stems of what appeared to be enoki mushrooms).

Sugar Ring DonutWas this good enough to come back for? (and pay S$27 for without even having a place to sit down at?) I'm pretty certain that is a "no." But at least I finally got that doughnut that someone once referred to here (they do have a pretty big pastry and bakery section here, which is where I suspect they get most of their business instead). The Sugar Ring Donut here was indeed one of the better ones around town, but we're obviously also still a long way from Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts. They also had some bagels and lox available here for breakfast that is worth a mental note...maybe I'll try popping down here tomorrow morning.


Crush the Bolsheviks said...

here's the trick BMA: go between 8pm and 9pm and it's 20 or 30% off (i forgot).

the best value meal there is the lasagna with fontina and fresh tomato sauce however.
hands down.

bma said...

Yeah, good call on that lasagna. I grabbed some tonight, and the cheese was amazing. I didn't even bother with the tomato sauce with such a rich tasty cheese. Nice one.