Sunday, September 24, 2006

Main St. Bagels from Northern California

A sesame bagel toasted with cream cheese, lox, and onions

This is a just a basic sesame bagel with lox, cream cheese, and onions from a local bagel shop that has a number of locations across Northern California. Sure, NorCal isn't exactly the capital of bagel-land that New York City is, but this sure beats any of that fake bagel stuff I got back in Singapore.

A Berry Lime Sublime Jamba Juice on the floorOn a side note, this is what happens when you put a tall Jamba Juice into your cheapo rental car's ultra-low non-supporting cup holders and make a turn into the bagel shop. Crap - I didn't even get to take one sip! It looks like Jamba Juice is serving matcha tea though.


回春 said...

God damnit, that's exactly what happened to me at Seah Street Deli. I was so incredibly frustrated at having my hopes built up then dashed.

There used to be a half-way decent bagel shop in Singapore before I left for New York, but it's long, long closed. And there's nowhere I can get my bagel fix...

Regular coffee, a garlic with cream cheese -- the breakfast of champions.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that you could have just gone back in there and they would have made you a new one?