Monday, July 25, 2005

2nd Ave Deli, East Village, NY


The 2nd Ave Deli (at 10th St) is a great place. How can one come to NY and not hit a deli? After perusing a very long menu, I finally settled on a simple hot corned beef sandwich on rye bread, and it was great. The meat was full of flavor, crumbling in texture, and dangling out of my sandwich in a big heaping. This is the way deli sandwiches should be (which is why I was shocked at how thin the sandwiches were at Steeple's Deli in Singapore).

2nd Ave 2

The pickles were of course awesome too: they provided a variety, including the standard kosher dill variety, a much greener-looking half-sour variety, and even pickled green tomatoes. Cole slaw was also provided, although this was in more of a vinaigrette style, rather than the creamy mayonnaise style that I'm accustomed to. Not bad, but I think I like the creamy kind better. Regardless, these accompaniments (plus the deli mustard) all help to cut through the fat taste of the beef.

Anyway, 2nd Ave Deli is a great spot. My neighbors were eating pastrami that looked really good too. Too bad my belly was full from the pizza and hot dog earlier. I'd like to come back here again and order the corned beef and cabbage one of these days.

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Anonymous said...

Le 2nd Avenue Deli est mort.