Saturday, May 14, 2005

Steeple's Deli

Steeples Deli

Apparently this deli has been in Tanglin Shopping Center for quite a long time now, but this is my first time there. Not bad. Pretty tasty and a nice peaceful countertop environment.

My only gripe is that it wasn't so outrageously unique that I would get cravings for it. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad by any means, and is actually pretty good: the pastrami was tasty with lots of spicy pepper on the edges, the coleslaw was creamy and fresh, and the soup was a robust made-from-scratch taste. The peanut butter mikshake was better than I thought it would be with a good consistency. But the pastrami wasn't sliced thinly enough, and its "extra meat" portion was still rather weak. The coleslaw, which is nothing to complain about, still wasn't divine or inspirational though. But again, it wasn't bad. I wouldn't be opposed to eating there again. Put another way, I would probably put its food quality as a 2 (borderline 1, or maybe an aggregate 17) on a Zagat survey.

Be careful when you read the menus though. I thought it said "French Onion Soup," only to realize later that it said "Fresh Onion Soup." I guess I can't blame them for lacking the baked cheese and crouton then. It still seemed to feature carmelized onions, but it was probably just roasted onions, with an excessive (but not entirely unappealing) amount of freshly ground black pepper.


monsterwoof said...

Next time you are there try the their fudge. It is rich and chocolaty without being too sweet or cloying. Heavenly!

bma said...

I just ate there again today for lunch (I was conveniently nearby), and my opinion has changed for the better. The corned beef has just the right amount of fat to be really tasty. I'm going to get cravings for that place now.

Mama BoK said...

I love Steeple's Deli, and i do missed their reuben sandwiches.. with sauerkraut..! this lil' place is quite popular.. for a place with wait stuff that rarely smiles.. haha!! but the shakes and food are good.. so i do go there quite often.. when i was in singapore.. and i'm glad to hear that they are still there.. :)