Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Rio Douro Cafe, Newark Airport

Cool. I've never really had Portuguese food before, so I jumped on this at first sight. I don't think it was too authentic though as I didn't see any of that bacalhau salted cod on the menu, but nonetheless, I ordered the so-called Portuguese Delight, featuring cubes of pork and clams in a garlic, white wine, and coriander sauce with rice.

It wasn't bad, but the potato wedges on the sides didn't exactly evoke much confidence in the authenticity of the place. It was also interesting to see paella on the menu - isn't that supposed to be Spanish, or does Portugal have it too? I wouldn't mind going to Portugal one of these days, although I'll probably pass on all those innards that are usually featured in Portuguese cuisine. Well, in the meantime, here was an American version, at an airport, of all places.

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