Friday, May 13, 2005

Monte Cristo Sandwich at Seah Street Deli

Monte Cristo sandwich at Seah Street Deli

Mmm...Seah Street is a nice safe haven of comfort deli food from home, which comes in handy whenever nighmares of being surrounded by an avalanche of Rendang burgers (yuck!) enters your mind.

Not all the food at Seah Street is perfect, but most of it is pretty darned good. I have become quite habitual with the Monte Cristo sandwich and an Oreo shake. They used to have really good kosher pickles, but now they are using a different supplier (from Philadelphia, apparently). Still, its hard to find good pickles in Singapore, so this is still good, especially since they had the good pickled peppers today too.

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fine-dining-in-singapore said...

Another signature dish that I love is the Reuben sandwich — beef pastrami laden with sauerkraut, wholegrain mustard and Swiss cheese on rye – which always brings to my mind the image of the an old Jewish deli in New York.