Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Fish with Spaghetti" on SilkAir

Fish with Spaghetti or Linguine?

That was interesting. The flight attendants were telling the passengers that the selections tonight were "fish with spaghetti" or "chicken with fried rice." The word "spaghetti" instantly conjured up images of a red tomato-based sauce in my head, which didn't quite resonate with me, seeing as it sounded like they paired it with some fish. So I nearly opted for the chicken instead until the flight attendant suddenly changed her description when she reached our row to "fish with linguine in a cream sauce." Whoa. That changed my selection immediately.

It turned out to be the right choice. This wasn't too bad, with a decently creamy sauce and fish that didn't reek of anything too aged. In contrast, I also got to try some of the chicken, whose dark spicy kung pao-like sauce was enjoyable, but the chicken cubes themselves had a bit of a not-that-fresh aftertaste. I don't know why she suddenly changed the description of the dish when she reached us (especially since this clearly was a different noodle type altogether), but I'm glad that she did.


mingyou said...

I used to fly alot on a variety of carriers, and I ALWAYS get a massive case of food coma after the food. Hence, I got a conspiracy theory for you...what if they purposely make food thats guaranteed to make you sleepy so that the stewardresses are bothered!?? :)

shaz said...

Hi there. Got a question... do you use a phone cam to take the pictures? Cos if you do Im impressed. and I would like to know what brand/model it is.. :) happy eating. PS. I drop by now and then and get reviews from your blog.

kellykelly said...

A wild guess: the flight attendant could have used "spaghetti" with people she thought were Singaporeans, and "linguine" with people she thought were non-Singaporeans. I think to many Singaporeans, 'spaghetti' could be used interchangeably with 'pasta' (any kind).

Love your blog btw...I read it often to get food recommendations. Thanks.

bma said...

Thanks - it's an N80 right now. My phones change pretty quickly though - sometimes the changes are obvious, especially when you look at some of the older photos that look pretty crappy.