Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More from the Post Express Deli

And all this was shoved into that ridiculously excessively sturdy bag in the back

No, I didn't intend for this to be sandwich week. We just happened to be in the neighborhood today and stopped by. Seeing how the sandwich I got last time was so small here, I decided to try their "Make Your Own" sandwich instead today, grabbing German salami with smoked cheddar and all the veggies.

When I saw them making it though, I hit myself on the forehead, realizing that it was still pretty tiny, so I grabbed a Caesar salad from the shelf too in order to make sure that I would be full. Just for extra measure, I threw in some Kettle Chips again and rounded it off with a drink. Admittedly I did order a bit too much in the end, but it was a satisfying meal.

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