Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Post Express Deli, Fullerton Hotel

A roast beef pickled papaya with marinated grilled artichoke sandwich together with a pickle and lemonade

This is a place that I had been meaning to try for a while in the interests of finding sandwiches in Singapore. Located in an outwardly facing corner of the Fullerton Hotel (1 Fullerton Square, 6877-8995), this is a tiny little place that doesn't even have seating unless you go outside. It's meant to be a bit of a gourmet sandwich shop, featuring freshly baked breads, pastries, salads, etc. Of course, they will make sandwiches for you according to your taste, but there was one pre-made sandwich in the refrigerator that looked interesting: a "roast beef pickled papaya with marinated grilled artichoke" sandwich. So I grabbed that along with some Lorina lemonade (from France, apparently). I noticed they had a jar of pickles too, so I asked for one of those.

The sandwich turned out to be really good. It was tender and tasty, albeit incredibly small. The pickle was a bit of a letdown as it turned out to be a sweet pickle (gotta love Seah Street Deli instead in that sense). The funny thing though is how excessively they will go to make this place "gourmet." Witness the uncessarily thick and sturdy paper shopping bag (like one you would get after buying something from Hermes) to hold all your stuff. And the pickle was a bit hilarious as they put this single pickle in this huge bowl and then sealed it with tape.

The Mushroom Stroganoff from the Soup Spoon (not the Post Express Deli)Anyway, the portions were a bit small too, so I had to head back up and get a bag of chips (yea! they had Kettle Chips!), and then even stop at the Soup Spoon on the way back to get more (BTW, I miss Soup Central when they were at International Plaza...I didn't like the Soup Spoon too much as mushroom soup was actually a bit sweet, despite the great bits of mushroom in here). I'd still come back to the Post Express Deli though - I just have to remember to order more next time.


joone! said...

About sandwiches, I was at this cafe and called Delicatessen and i met the owner, Lionel, who is this guy that is passionate and committed to good quality food. He has a small range (i think 8-10) sandwiches and salads to choose from, small range but all very well thought out and good.

If you are interested, this is the address:
81 Clemenceau Ave, UE Square #01-22
Tel: 62351778

Anonymous said...

hi maybe you can try "Simply Bread" sandwich shop at sixth avenue (the building with a cold storage opposite brazil churrascaria restaurant). They have really nice sandwiches too.

Anonymous said...

overpirced, but they do love ang mohs there...you will alwasy be served first

Tym said...

Delicatessen has good stuff. I work at UE Square and it's a great place for lunch.

Fyi, there are interesting Kettle Chips varieties available at Candy Empire at Millenia Walk. I believe they bring them in directly from Australia, as they do with Tim-Tams and other snacks.

hinata said...

Hi there! I know what you mean about the portions, I ordered a pasta salad for lunch the other day - $5 apparently gets you enough pasta to fill a teacup :P The paper bag was a bit OTT as well.

Agree with you - Seah Street Deli rules.

nev said...

I like Archangel at Great World City for their fab sandwiches, no-nonsense proper bread and generous fillings with the correct condiments (no gloppy mayo on everything!!). Fantastic desserts too. See my review here: http://irenenevada.multiply.com/reviews/item/8