Thursday, February 23, 2006

Aromas Coffee, Lippo Centre

Tuna Melt

I used to come here once in a while (78 Shenton Way #01-00, 6224-7877), but then I tasted Kaffe Krema. Today, I came by for the first time since then, and I realized that I like Kaffe Krema better. Similar to Kaffe Krema, it's actually more of a little coffee stand that just happens to serve sandwiches (but the selection is bigger as long as you look beyond what's posted on the boards and look at the separate sandwich list). And the tuna melt is OK with baked on cheese and such. But I still like the taste and quality of the ingredients at Kaffe Krema better, as long as I'm patient enough to get past the long lunch lines that form there these days.

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Anonymous said...

glad u like the sandwich place kaffe krema that i have recommended :) J