Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Breakfast Catering at the Fullerton

A Cheese Selection

Since we're on the topic of event catering, it seems appropriate to add that the Fullerton Hotel does great breakfast spreads. I was thoroughly impressed: the bacon was extra thin and crispy, the cheese spread was quite impressive, and the omelettes were done just right. They even had miniature bite-size French Toast made from slices of baguette. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Is the breakfast a daily thingy or only on weekends?? Where do u find time to eat so well on weekdays and weekends.. Can we trade places?

bma said...

This was just their catering for a private event, so I'm not sure if they offer this as a daily spread in their lobby, if that's what you're asking. My main point here was just that I was impressed with the Fullerton's kitchen (and the Four Seasons), whereas other "big name" hotels around here have been a bit of a bummer.