Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Delicatessen, UE Square

The Parmegiano Sandwich

I got a bit worried when I walked into this place (UE Square #01-22, 6235-1778) as the decor looked a bit snooty (kinda like Whitebait & Kale), and the sandwich selection was plagued with chichi stuff like peach & ginger chutney, apricot mustard, truffle oil, etc. They even offered foie gras. Uh oh - this place looks too classy to be good (I just want a plain sandwich, not all that gourmet stuff!).

Fortunately, I liked it. I opted for the Parmegiano ("country bread, parma ham, parmesan cheese, diced tomatoes, char grilled mushrooms, rocket, olive oil, balsamic vinegar"), as it was the "least gourmet" of the bunch that I could find. And it tasted pretty good...I guess this is one chichi place that fortunately also makes sure that the food tastes good. (Then again, I'm a sucker for rucola and cheese shavings.) Anyway, the taste is good enough that I'll come back again, even if my first choice will still be for something less upscale and more down-to-earth.

Lorina Traditional French LimonadeOn a side note, I learned the hard way today (again) that "lemonade" outside of the US refers to 7-UP, not actual lemon juice and sugar. I was a bit bummed when I saw this since I thought that the "Traditional French Limonade" meant the latter. I should have gotten just the regular "Lemonade" then.

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Anonymous said...

Traditional French Limonade meant the latter.
Yeah, it is if you mean traditional French culinary.