Monday, May 22, 2006

Kaffe Krema Does It Again

The Salmon and Avocado Special

Ham and Cheese SandwichThis is the way sandwiches should be: fresh, cheap, quick, and simple. And Kaffe Krema does a great job of this. Here was a special they ran today featuring lox and avocado (take out the avocado and you could almost put this on a bagel!), as well as a simple ham and cheese sandwich I grabbed later for dinner. Both hit the spot just right, and were exactly what I was looking for.


Anonymous said...

arent u glad tat i recommended u this cafe?

Anonymous said...

where is this cafe?..The sandwiches look soooo good!!

bma said...

Just click through to the links. I'll usually state the address on my initial visit and then just link back on subsequent visits.

Actually, this one is nested a bit far back though. These guys are on the first floor of International Plaza.

And yes, nice recommendation. Keep 'em coming!