Monday, September 05, 2005

Baguette Sandwiches on EasyJet

DSC02845 (Small)

On this European no-frills airline, the only food service is one that you have to pay for. And there are no big-ticket items - the biggest thing was what I ordered, a Cheddar cheese "baguette," which wasn't even really on baguette, but rather a much softer bread. And it didn't have butter or mayo in it - rather, it had a tomato and pepper chutney, which was a bit too sweet for me. This was a bit of a letdown.

The other interesting thing to note is the Schwepps "Lemonade," which is effectively like Sprite or 7-Up. That's kind of interesting considering that Americans consider lemonade to be that real lemon juice and sugar water concoction rather than anything carbonated and artificial like Sprite or 7-Up (which instead is a "lemon-lime soda"). I guess the English don't look at it that way?

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