Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lucky Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza

Lucky Chicken Rice

I finally found this place today (Lucky Plaza #02-110). No wonder why I missed it last time - it was indeed tucked away in the back. But I knew I found it when I saw the signboard that read, "Lucky Chicken Rice (Boneless Chicken) Fast Food Restaurant."

And I pleased to say that I really enjoyed it. The chicken, while skimpy on the portions too, was tasty and moist. The rice was fluffy and the soup was savory (none of that sweet stuff). The hot sauce wasn't anything special, but with a full array of condiments on every table at your disposal, it worked for me, and was probably just as good - if not better - than that Alison Eating House place. Tian Tian still goes a step further for me with their huge chunks of meat, but this was good enough. Thanks for the tip!


aki said...

It looks so good!

hugewhaleshark said...

This one is recommended by a local expert:

White chicken, though, not roasted as in your post.

Goes well with the acocado or soursop shakes sold two doors away.

Kathy said...

There is a shop in Far East plaza which specializes in chicken rice.

It is not on the fifth floor though.

I find that it is better than the ones at Lucky Plaza.