Friday, June 16, 2006

The Big Bird Chicken Rice

Big Bird Chicken Rice

The last time I visited these guys was ages ago when they were still out on Selegie Road. I didn't remember much of them aside from the lotus root soup (nothing I cared to remember) and the chili sauce (something I definitely remembered as being good, but not remembering any of the specific qualities of it). Well, since we were at Balmoral Plaza anyway tonight, we figured we'd stop by (#01-07, 6734-6022) and check out that chili sauce again.

It was a good call. The standout was clearly the chili sauce - damn, did that thing have some punch to it. It was different from "normal" chicken rice chili sauce in that it was very spicy and without as much of that garlic taste, thus being a very welcome and refreshing change. Apparently the guy keeps his chili sauce a closely guarded secret - judging by the shape of the seeds inside (and the heat of it all), he probably uses some special chili pepper that others don't commonly use around here.

What about the chicken rice itself? Even though the chicken was moist and covered in sesame oil (one of the keys to my heart), it was sliced into pretty small pieces and oddly reheated (and didn't even feature any scallions to go with it). The rice was a bit boringly dry too (I prefer Boon Tong Kee's instead). I suppose that one way around it is to douse some of that chili sauce onto it and fire away.

They sell the chili sauce by the bottle here, but I don't know what I'd really use it for. I guess we'll just have to come back and get more of that chicken to eat the sauce with.

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