Thursday, September 15, 2022

One Fattened Calf at Galaxis in One-North

OFC Butterburger

I've been wanting to come to this place for a long time, precisely to try that burger above (1 Fusionopolis Place #01-31). See, that's not cheese that you see on top of the patty, but butter instead. That's right, they shoved a slice of butter in there, not unlike how kaya toast is often done.

Yes, I liked it, although the butter turned out to be more notable for its solid texture and cold temperature than for adding much taste. Indeed, the quality of the beef patty was already pretty good on its own, such that it didn't really need the butter. The meat was a bit overcooked and the pickles were a tad sweet, but I still ate it all pretty quickly.

My favorite burgers on the island are unchanged: Five Guys is still at the top, followed closely by Phat Burger Bro. Fish and Bones and Shake Shack are up there too, together with One Fattened Calf, but they all get penalized for having boring fries.

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