Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Chongqing's Xiangmangu Huoguo (Spicy Bangkok Hotpot) in Singapore

Tom Yum Goong Sliced Beef

You read that right: this is a Thai hotpot chain from...Chongqing? The founder apparently went to Thailand and liked the food so much that he started up his own place in Chongqing, and now he has opened up an outlet at People's Park Complex in Singapore (1 Park Road #01-78C). It was dingier than I would've expected for a commercialized chain, complete with cheap plastic stools. But it was precisely the affordability that put a grin on my face, especially since one got unlimited refills of soup, veggies, and carbs if you wanted it. To be clear, the taste of the tom yum broth was nothing special (no Thai-Sichuan fusion here!), but I don't mind coming back given what a decent deal it was.

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