Monday, September 12, 2022

LINO Pizza and Pasta Bar’s Aglio Olio Con Anchovies

Aglio olio con anchovies

OK that was NOT the dish that I was expecting. See, the ad copy from the Les Amis folks said that this special for the month of September was "tossed with fresh European anchovies." The word "fresh" got me excited given that my experience with anchovies has largely been tinned and dried so far. So I was pretty bummed when tinned anchovies were precisely what was used.

To be sure, I like tinned anchovies (a lot!), so I still gobbled up this savory salty thing in seconds. But I should've known better that it's unlikely that fresh anchovies would've made it all the way over here from Europe. Maybe they meant that it was fresh from the can? Or that it was processed while it was still fresh? At least I finally visted LINO in person this time. It's a nice place with friendly staff, even if I felt like a fool.


ClearTear said...

lol... because its not dried like ikan bilies.

bma said...

Ah yes, "fresh" as opposed to dried. Now I get it.