Wednesday, March 02, 2022

KOAL Grill by Les Amis at Shaw Centre

Grilled Chicken Leg Set

I was a bit puzzled when the Les Amis folks opened this place on the former grounds of Lemak Boys (1 Scotts Road #03-09, 8129-4500). Basically, I couldn't make sense of what kind of food they were serving. On one hand it looked as if it were trying to mimic Burnt Ends, but I realized upon going there today that it was more like Grain Traders.

Granted, that's partially because the lunch sets cram everything into one bowl (whereas the dinner menu seems to feature individually plated items). But it definitely wasn't Burnt Ends, even if the quality of the food was better than it looked, especially that tender and smokey grilled chicken above. I wouldn't mind trying some of the other items, but they were more expensive and the service wasn't particularly fast either.

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fucheen said...

Recommend a Babi Guling rice plate from Pigs can Fly in Sprout Hub, Henderson. The star is a Sambal Matah that comes with it.