Thursday, September 08, 2022

Wang Ji Wanton Mee from SFF 2022 Festival Village

Wanton Mee

The Singapore Food Festival has a physical setup next to Marina Bay Sands this year featuring local chefs (12A Bayfront Avenue). Most of the stalls already have their own physical outlets on the island though, like The Masses, Brine, Goodburger, One Prawn, Sourbombe, Feather Blade, and a place from Damian D'Silva. Buying their food from a festival didn't make any sense to me.

So I focused on the few that didn't have a physical presence yet, like Wang Ji, which served wanton mee from a MasterChef finalist. That bowl above was pretty good with its tender kurobuta char siew, firmly cooked noodles, and salty chili sauce. The dumplings had a nice filling inside too, even if the skin was a bit frail.

There were also a few home delivery services there, including one called Jelebu Dry Laksa that looked pretty good, but I bailed once I saw a sign that said that they're opening a shop a VivoCity soon. So instead I went to SGBrisketKitchen, which does Texan barbecue but playfully served it sandwiched inside kaya toast. It sounded like an odd combo, but the fat and mild sweetness from both of those paired rather nicely together.

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