Saturday, August 15, 2020

A Prawn Noodle Shootout at Golden Mile Food Centre

Chung Cheng Chili Prawn Noodles

There are a couple of prawn noodle stalls at Golden Mile Food Centre that I'd been meaning to try. The first was Chung Cheng at stall #01-59, which was not only Michelin-listed, but also known for its chili sauce. I was thus rather disappointed to find that it was more sweet than it was spicy. Sure, there was an impressive collection of aromas in there, and both the prawns and noodles were nice and firm. But I wish that I didn't ask for extra chili, as that just made it more sweet.

One Prawn Noodle

The other one was One Prawn Noodle at stall #01-93, which is run by an alumnus of the CIA, Forlino, and Burnt Ends. I liked this one much more, as the taste of the individual ingredients really came through, particularly the natural sweetness of the prawn meat, especially when complemented with fried shallots and the crisp yet sinful crackling. Best of all, she used thinly-sliced shabu shabu meat for her pork; I wish more stalls would do that.

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