Thursday, April 14, 2022

Bamboo Bowls at Far East Square, Singapore

Singapore Bowl

That grain bowl trend here in recent years has never resonated very well with me. But I was kinda curious about this shop (137 Amoy Street #01-01, 8748-9978), not only because of its mobile app-driven system, but also since their bowls were pre-configured by chefs from places like Thevar, Neon Pigeon, and Artichoke. Each bowl was named after a different place in Asia, and I started with that "Singapore" bowl above featuring laksa noodles and a coconut curry.

Yes, I was happy enough with it (and the portions were small enough) that I went for a second bowl, the Sichuan, featuring things like black vinegar marinated wood ear mushrooms. The app-based system made it convenient to place your order while you are en route and pick it up quickly upon arrival. Granted, they force you to install an app - and worse, you have to register since there was no guest mode - but I'm reluctantly willing to tolerate those given that the food was decent and service was fast. I'll be back to try more bowls.

Epilogue: I finally tried all of the bowls, and the Singapore and Bangkok bowls were the best. The Saigon was too acidic, the Bombay was too dry, and the Seoul was too in-your-face. The Bali and Sichuan were OK but not my first choices, while the Tokyo was forgettable.

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