Saturday, June 05, 2021

Artichoke on Middle Road in Singapore

Roast Cauliflower

I'm not sure why this place hasn't figured more promiently on my radar screen; maybe it's the odd location (161 Middle Road, 6336-6949). Putting that aside though, it seems like exactly my kind of place, featuring playful Middle Eastern-inspired small plates and a decent selection of booze. After having ordered one of their takeout sets tonight, I'm regretting not having eaten there earlier.

The food was great, including not just that roast cauliflower above, but also a perfectly seared seabass as well as a nice spread of mezze. Everything was not just delicious but also healthy and seasoned just right. It looks like I've had a taste of their food many years ago, but just somehow never followed through to the restaurant itself. We'll have to change that after dine-in service resumes.

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Unknown said...

Artichoke is great. Bring friends, order more!