Friday, April 23, 2021

Miznon's Jaffa at SO/ Singapore's Xperience Restaurant

Salatim mezze

Miznon is running a two week pop-up at the Sofitel SO/ hotel (35 Robinson Road, 6701-6800). Meant to mimic a backyard barbecue during Israel's national day holiday, they give you a choice of skewers as well as a range of salatim, including Miznon's wonderfully delicate pita. My favorite of the bunch was the baba ganoush in the upper left corner, as it was so smoky that we asked for at least three or four refills.

The lamb, fish, and chicken kebabs weren't as exciting as I thought they would be, although that's also because the bar in my mind was set incredibly high by that glorious murgh malai tikka from We Desi earlier this week. I was still happy to eat it all, including an impressively spicy Merguez sausage. Too bad that Miznon's cauliflower and artichoke weren't present though; in that sense, I'd rather just go to Miznon itself.

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