Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Chicken Liver Pita from Miznon Singapore

Chicken Liver Pita

I've been getting more and more things from Miznon on each visit, and this time I grabbed the chicken liver pita. Organ meat of course is an acquired taste, but it's growing on me; I still gobbled this down quickly, especially since it was garnished with spring onion. I also grabbed their "Run Over Potato," which looked weird since they basically just flattened a baked potato with a rolling pin or something. But it was delicious thanks to the sour cream, dill, and salt.

More importantly, they finally put their whole roasted caulflowers on the menu here...or at least, it was available on my visit a few weeks ago (it was "out of action" today). Anyway, last time it was a smaller - and more frail - head than I recall from my New York visit, but it sounds like they are trying to find a new supplier given that the menu said that they are "on the hunt." I eagerly look forward to seeing what they can eventually get their hands on.

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