Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thevar's Curry Aioli Lobster Roll at Luke's Lobster

Thevar's Lobster Aioli Lobster Roll at Luke's Lobster

Cool! Luke's Lobster is doing a series of collaborations with local restaurants called Luke Goes Local, the first of which is with Thevar for that curry aioli roll above. Contrary to how it sounded in my head, it was pleasantly light and delicate rather than being oversauced or spiced. Plus, the quality of the ingredients, be it the lobster itself or even that fluffy yet crispy bun, made this easy to eat.

Best of all, they are doing a promotion right now (separately from Luke Goes Local) that gives you a free beer after you do a quiz about their sustainability efforts. That means that I'm likely to come back later this week, especially before this Thevar promo finishes on Friday. Birds of a Feather will be the next collab after that though, so I'd be curious to see what that one is like.

Addendum: it looks like this free beer promotion is only at the Great World outlet.
Addendum 2: the free beer promo is gone!

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