Monday, February 21, 2022

Dingxingju at Marina Bay Sands' Rasapura Masters


The signage for this stall at the MBS food court says that it's a restaurant from Beijing. I couldn't find much online about it, but there is probably some truth to it given the uniqueness of the menu, not to mention all of the logos adoring the crockery.

That deconstructed (or rather, assemble-yourself) zhajiangmian above what was pulled me in at first, but I was happier with the mutton noodle soup that I got today, especially given the gamey fatty cuts of lamb in there. I liked the savory tofu and kelp side dishes that I ordered too.

The shredded chicken noodles were no good though, as it was overgarlicked and lacking spices until I asked for chili. The pork and chive dumplings were forgettable too, but I'd love to try their mutton and cilantro dumplings, which were unavailable today.

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