Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jinfenghua Home Cooking in Beijing, China

Peking Duck

Somehow I got the idea of eating Peking duck tonight, and this place was conveniently nearby (can't read the address but the phone number is 6444-2899). And it did the job, with some respectively crispy cuts of skin with tasty fat attached provided. At one point I started bypassing the sauce, garnish and wrapper altogether just so that I could get more of that duck fat taste.

Next time I should try the other things like their fried meatballs, sliced fatty beef, and even some simple dumplings, as I suspect that the duck is meant more for tourists. On a related note, my local colleague mentioned that people in Beijing don't really go to Quanjude anymore (after I mentioned that they are opening in Singapore soon) as there are other shops that are much better than them now.

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