Thursday, January 25, 2018

An Outlet of Xibei Noodle Village in China

Xibei Style Wheat Glutens with Sauce and Chili Oil

When I passed by this place the other night, it looked like some kind of Italian-American food court with its red checkered tablecloths and a bunch of open cooking stations lining the sides. I would never would have thought that this was a restaurant serving northwestern Chinese food. But my local colleague took me here and ordered a number of things, including those refreshingly delicious cold noodles above, a few chuanr, some okra in soy sauce, a bubbling chicken pot thing, and perhaps most interestingly, a cold rice cake that you dipped into honey. None of it was particularly spicy, but it was nice to see such a nice, practical, and open set up. They even had little hourglasses on each table to guarantee that you received all of your dishes within 25 minutes.

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