Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Cicheti’s Wild Child Pizzette at Boat Quay, Singapore

Crispy Fried Margherita

The Cicheti folks have opened up a pizza place at Boat Quay (50 Circular Road, 6970-6592). It features a fun and short menu featuring just over a handful of pizzas plus some starters; the drinks menu is noticably longer. I'm no expert in pizza frita, but I was happy with that crispy fried margherita above.

The crust was thick, but with a chewy texture and crispy crust, kinda like a Chinese youtiao meets McDonald's classic pie. It was a little tougher than Lucali's crust, but I eagerly ate it all. The toppings were pleasantly cold too, which let the tomatoes, basil, and cheese come through.

They also provided some "crack oil," which was basically chili oil jazzed up with some Asian spices like anise seed, if I tasted it correctly. Sure, it was tasty, but it wasn't quite as "life changing" as the menu made it out to be. Still, I'd have no qualms about coming back here, especially with all of their booze too.

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