Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bar Cicheti Pasta and Wine in Singapore


I knew once I stepped foot in here that I had made a mistake (10 Jiak Chuan Road, 6789-9801). No, not about the food. If anything, the food was wonderful; there was an impressive amount of care that went into things like panzanella salad above, not to mention the amaretto-soaked tiramisu that closed this meal.

My mistake was not realizing how upscale this place was. See, when I read about this place, it mentioned an impressively low price tag of just S$14 (US$10) for a plate of pasta, so I figured this might be yet another affordable pasta place that I could frequent. But it turned out that that price was only for a half-portion.

Lunches came in three-course sets starting at S$30 (US$22). That is still a good value for the quality of food (I loved how they used some perky Sarawak pepper in my cacio e pepe). But I could easily see myself approaching triple digits per person going a la carte with a few drinks. That's beyond my pay grade.

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