Thursday, August 26, 2021

Proper Slice BYGB off Gemmill Lane in Singapore

Spinach and Ricotta Pizza

I'm not exactly one to eat carbs all day, but the Lucali BYGB folks opened up a new place selling pizza by the slice (110 Amoy Street #01-02). If this meant that I could get a taste of those outrageously expensive S$55 (US$41) Lucali pies at a fraction of the price, then I had to come try it out.

It was a cool little booth tucked into the alleyway. They said that the cheese was simpler here, but the crust was basically the same as Lucali's. And it was definitely much chewier than that thing I had for lunch today. Sure, it was still a bit dry compared to L'Operetta, but I'm happy to come back here.

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