Sunday, September 19, 2021

Ordinary Burger in Singapore

Classic Beef Burger

To be honest, I kept second-guessing myself on whether to order this, especially since the photo on the menu didn't look very appetizing. But I've been wanting to try this small chain for a while now, primarily because of its pitch of being "ordinary." Hopefully that meant that their burgers were no-frills, just like I like them.

Yes, it was simple, but I suspect that they were inspired by McDonald's given the very similar taste and texture of both the bun and fries. Fortunately, they went easy on the sauce, making it easier to taste the beef along with all of the salt and pepper that they put on it. Too bad they didn't make longer cuts for their fries though.


Joanna Ang said...

is it good ?

bma said...

Not sure if you consider McDonald's to be good, but that's what it reminded me of.

Joanna Ang said...

rate for me. ordinary burgers vs shake shack vs burgs

bma said...

With 10 being the best: 5, 8, and N/A since I've never eaten at Burgs. But Five Guys would be 9.