Monday, June 21, 2021

The BTS Meal from McDonald’s in Singapore

BTS Meal

No, I'm not a BTS fan. But there has been so much hype about this thing in recent weeks, and it was finally launched in Singapore today, so I was curious to see what the big deal was. It was sold out at a lot of places at first, but somehow I found availability after waiting a couple of hours.

It was basically just a nine-piece Chicken McNugget meal, but adorned in the band's purple decor, and with two sauces that were allegedly picked by the band members. The sweet chili sauce was just like it sounded, whereas the cajun sauce was yellow and mildly spicy, making it the better of the two. They were nothing to get excited about; I prefer the old hot mustard sauce instead.

Actually, if I could design my own BTS Meal, I'd first scale back to portions to just six pieces and small fries. The Coke would also be small, and would leave a little gap so that one could top if off with some rum. Then the McNuggets would come with XXX Reaper sauce...or I'd just do my onion-heavy Angus hack.

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