Friday, October 05, 2018

China's Da Long Yi Hot Pot at Orchard Central, Singapore

Hot Pot

Yet another hot pot chain from China has opened in Singapore (181 Orchard Road #08-06, 6509-0002). Not to be confused with the similarly named Da Long Yan in Geylang, this shop at Orchard Central is now my favorite hot pot shop on the island, as you could actually taste the ingredients despite all of the salt, spices, and oil (or more specifically, butter, in the case of the spicy broth above).

I liked their mushroom broth in particular, as it was savory and refreshing, not to mention filled with tons of mushrooms (basically, don't bother ordering more mushrooms as there are plenty in there already). They had those requisite little red pull-tab cans of oil, but also little packets of a dry chili and salt mixture that you could use for dipping too. Yes, I liked it better than Haidilao and the rest of that Clarke Quay hotpot collection.

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