Sunday, September 02, 2018

China's Xiaomudeng Traditional Hotpot in Singapore

Hot Pot

Another hot pot chain from Chongqing has opened an outlet in Singapore's Chinatown (277 New Bridge Road #01-01, 6227-7017). Compared to places like Haidilao, this place is smaller and a tad more downscale, but the prices were more reasonable, all while still doing a decent job of the broth, particularly the mushroom one on the left that I couldn't stop drinking. Like Lafu Huoguo, their pots featured ornate dragon heads on them. And like Da Miao, they also had their own little red pull-tab cans of oil at your disposal. It's too bad then that the peanut and sesame sauces were a bit sweet. In that sense, I'd still rather go to to one of my so-called "Five Riverside Pots."

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