Friday, March 16, 2018

Chongqing's Xiangtianxia Hotpot in Singapore

Hot Pot

This hot pot chain from Chongqing opened an outlet at Clarke Quay last month (3B River Valley Road #01-06, 6265-9777). And yes, I liked it. The ingredients were of decent quality, and the service is both attentive and enthusiastic. Similar to Da Miao, they had little pull-tab tins of Sichuan peppercorn oil at their condiment bar, which incidentally also included some of my favorite spicy tofu skin. The dark mushroom broth that I got was refreshingly savory too, all without being too salty. And they had a nice shanzha hawthorn fruit drink too.

Interestingly, this place is on the same grounds as the former Faigo. And now that really does complete the cluster of five hotpot chains from China along the river: Haidilao is of course in its original location, Da Miao is still over on the other side of Clarke Quay, Lafu Huoguo is over at Riverside Point, and Tanyoto is over at Liang Court. I think we need a name for these five guys. How about The Hotpot Quintet? The Five Riverside Pots? The Huoguo Fivesome? OK, I give up.

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