Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mapo Tofu from Tanyoto Singapore

Mapo Tofu

After a few post-work drinks tonight, I needed something spicy, salty, and greasy to sit in my belly. And what better genre of food is there to fill that need than Sichuan cuisine? I wasn't quite in the mood for Tanyoto's hot pot though, so I grabbed this mapo tofu off their cooked food menu, and it surprised me with how delicious it was.

Unlike other renditions, this one was perfectly balanced without being too salty nor greasy and yet still pulling the punches with the spices. Thanks to that, I wolfed two bowls of rice down in no time at all. Word to the wise though: don't wear a suit there like I did tonight. Now I'm gonna have to send it to the cleaners just because of the stank that was left on my jacket even though I was only there for a few minutes.

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