Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My First Taste of Sempalit Curry Chicken

Sempalit Curry Chicken

After a meeting in Sentosa this morning, I popped by the Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World to grab a bite before going back to the office. I came across this stall; I'm not sure if it's a recent addition or not, but I don't recall seeing it before, and I totally loved it. Apparently it's from a village called Sempalit in Pahang, Malaysia, and it was made less spicy to cater to the ethnic Chinese in the village. Indeed, it was less spicy than Nana Curry, and yet wonderfully salty with a rich hit of coconut. I liked it so much that I went back for a second bowl of rice so as not to let that lovely gravy go to waste. Thumbs up!

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