Sunday, November 27, 2016

China's Lafu Huoguo (Spicy House) at Riverside Point, Singapore

Hot Pot

This hotpot chain from China has opened up on the former grounds of Wine Garage (30 Merchant Road #01-07, 6493-7213). I can only assume that they picked this location in part to compete with Hai Di Lao on the other side of the river. And based upon initial appearances at least, it seemed like it might stand a chance with its fancy dragon head pots, sinister looking broths, and even wider array of sauces at one's disposal.

That was, until I tasted it. That plate of lamb above wasn't very tender, the special plate of fish that we got wasn't very fresh, and the separate fish inside the pot was too flaky. The mala broth was fine but the pickled veggie broth was more sour than it was savory. And I just couldn't get my dipping sauce right either. The service was fine, but at these kinds of prices, I'd rather go to Hai Di Lao instead.


suanc said...

have you tried Long Qing at Hong Kong Street?

bma said...

No. It sounds like you're suggesting that it's worthwhile?

Matilda Lim said...

Yes. The mushroom broth at Long Qing is pretty tasty and they claim it's MSG free.