Monday, October 29, 2007

Wine Garage, Riverside Point, Singapore

The Garage Burger

I normally would not go to a store named Wine Garage given that I'm really not much of a wine person. Yet I kept hearing story after story about how good the food was here, so I came by on my way home tonight to check it out (30 Merchant Road, #01-07, 6533-3188).

I'm glad that I did. All I grabbed was a simple burger, but it was so tender and tasty (and the bun was so light and buttery) that it didn't even need the extra bacon topping that people seemed to have raved about. Granted, the patty was so juicy that it nearly became an Eddie Murphy welfare burger as the juices poured out of it, but I inhaled this thing so quickly that the bun didn't get much of a chance go mushy. The fries were done more like tasty chips, and you've gotta love the fact that they bring out hummus with crispy flatbread to every table.

What perhaps made me even more happy was the fact that the service was very down to earth, contrary to any stereotype about pretentious wine snobs. They were attentive without being excessive, and confident in what they were doing. Thumbs up for me.


+30nabit said...

you should try the crispy pork with watermelon skewers in their appetizer menu.
I enjoy the combination of flavours and textures.
Also the Sunday brunch is not bad, at least a departure from the usual suspects like PS Cafe.

mama bok said...

Must be new.. coz' i never heard of the wine garage .. i worked around that area.. before.. :)