Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Marmalade Holland Village

The Ultimate Beef Burger

Whoa - The Marmalade Pantry has opened a new shop in Holland Village (170 Lorong Liput, 6469-8016), next door to Aburiya, of all places. And the best part about it was there that were no ridiculous lines (today, anyway...we found out that it was only their fourth day of operation).

I grabbed their so-called Ultimate Beef Burger, which interestingly featured char-grilled cherry tomatoes and a huge Eddie Murphy Wonder Bread patty (and yes, the juice from the tomatoes did squirt out into a bit of a mess on the plate). It was a bit more upscale than my idea of a great (read: simple) burger, but I suppose that it did the job.


Janalin said...

you talkin to me mo far kor? you talking to me?!! heheh....sorry, couldnt resist it. Anyway, mo far kor has been sitting on the shelves of iecons and 7-11s for yonks and I never bought it....and one blog from you, and they are in business!!!! I got me a bottle of mo far kor cos it looked so darn good on your blog. And you know what? It IS good. Now why didn't I ever try it before? Coupled along with a glass of cold taste like toffee!
I dig the pix of your marmalade burger/ looks like it belongs in the muppet show.
Thanks mo far kor-kor!

Irene said...

Hi there... came upon your website and thoroughly enjoyed reading your food reviews!! Also think anthony bourdian has an excellent job! :)

I'm a malaysian and very pleased to see that you have discovered our national treasure.... ramly burger!!