Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Aburiya Has A New Yakitori Grill

From left: Yaki Tsukune and Yaki Seiniku

Whoa. Aburiya at Holland Village has added a new yakitori grill. The list of skewers isn't particularly they put it, they are featuring things like seiniku pork loin and tsukune minced pork of Muroran (Hokkaido) fame. While these were decently good, my main reason for coming back to Aburiya will still be the yakiniku (if I wanted a yakitori meal instead, I'd rather go to a place Kazu or Kushigin).

The new yakitori grill at AburiyaStill, it was interesting to see some of the changes at Aburiya lately. They're serving US beef now, as well as Japanese bamonto ("Vermont") sour apple drinks (both in the "Hi" alcoholic and "Squash" virgin versions), something I found particularly enjoyable. This place was also decently filled tonight at 11 PM, which although slowed things down a bit for us, it was relieving to see as I was worried that this place's business was slowing to the point where they might not be around much longer. If things continue the way they did tonight though, then I was clearly obsessing about nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Try Hanabi for their Jap ala-carte buffet! Recently went to the new outlet at Odeon Towers. Good!