Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Wagyu Beef at Aburiya

Wagyu Jo Karubi Tare

The Aburiya in Holland Village has been out of the jo karubi for a few days now, so this time we went the other way and decided to upgrade to the wagyu version. Wow - what a difference. It doesn't just melt in your's like meat-flavored butter or foie gras (look at that marbling!). It's been a while since a bite of food has invoked such an emotional reaction from me; I literally stopped to say, "God damn!" Wow. That was amazing. Granted, one has to pay for that priviledge, but the price wasn't as obscene as it could have been either: S$15.90 (US$9.40) for a little plate of about ten slices.

One of my colleagues once mentioned to me that should be be reincarnated as an animal, he would want to come back as a wagyu cow (getting massages and being fed a heavy diet of beer). Ha ha.

Onigiri - at Aburiya Holland VillageOne other interesting thing to note is that the craftmanship at the Holland Village version of Aburiya is not quite as refined as the Robertson Quay version. Witness the inset onigiri's limp and frail shape here, and then compare it to the onigiri at the Robertson Quay location and you can tell the difference. But this is just being nitpicky; it still tasted the same, and all the meats and marinades were just as good. I'll still happily come here, if my wallet can just afford the damage.

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