Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Aburiya, Robertson Quay

Daikon Sarada

After several rounds of yakiniku that left me yearning, I had to come back to Aburiya (60 Robertson Quay, #01-03, 6735-4862). And I'm glad I did. The karubi was tender and only mildly sweet, the tan negi was of good quality, and the daikon sarada was tastier and more daring than Daidomon's with ham and full sheets of nori.

The highlight of the evening was the tontoro pork, which, with all its fat and salt, tasted like bacon on steroids: greasy and salty as hell. Yummm! It's not the healthiest thing in the world, but it went down (guiltily) well with the yaki onigiri rice grilled on a fire.

Tan Negi, Karubi, Tontoro, and Onigiri

Still, I have to admit that it wasn't perfect. The meats were sliced way too small - to the point where they shriveled up into ridiculously small pieces. The daikon sarada, although good, is still second-best in my mind to Nanbantei. And I must have gotten a pretty green waiter this time as he didn't quite know what he was doing. All in all though, I'd prefer to come here over the others, short of going all the way to Japan (it looks like they've opened a new location at Holland Village too - and it's open until 1AM - yayyy!!).


Anonymous said...


Great job with all your reviews and wonderfully tempting pictures. I notice that you've been praising this Nanbantei joint. Will you be providing us with a detailed review of it soon?

bma said...

Indeed, it has been up there for a while now. You can find it here:

cookiemon said...

Thank you for your comments! Know I know where to eat yakiniku in Singapore! *muahahahahaha*

Anonymous said...

hi! can you comment about the prices? do they have buffet? how much is it?
thanks! it's my first time to go try yakiniku.

thanks again!

- bireley

donaldck said...

i dont think aburiya is that great. i prefer gyu kaku (chijmes)