Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yakiniku Daidomon, Keypoint, Singapore

Jo Tan and Karubi

Lacking satisfaction from last night's meal at Gyu-Kaku, I sought more yakiniku in an attempt at redemption. I had heard about this place, Daidomon (Keypoint at 371 Beach Road #01-07, 6295-2077), for some time, and had wanted to come for a while. It turned out to be closer to what I was looking for (more traditional in taste than Gyu-kaku), but it still left me yearning for more.

OK, Daidomon wasn't bad. I started with one of my favorite Japanese starters, daikon sarada (turnip salad), which turned out to be decent and fresh. And moving to the yakiniku, both the jo tan and karubi were pretty good quality meat - tender and tasty. So what's my hesitation here? I felt the seasoning could have been better. The jo tan was a too salty, while the daikon sarada was a bit boring - I've had more "wow"-ing ones at other places (both in and out of Singapore). Apparently this place also takes pride in its unique secret-recipe dipping sauce, but it was also too salty for me.

Anyway, if I had to choose between here and Gyu-Kaku, then I'll chose Daidomon as the ingredients are still good, and the taste is more traditional (not to mention much cheaper) than Gyu-kaku. But I'm still graving that greasy simple punch that I am looking for when I want yakiniku. In that regard, I'm still aiming to head back to Aburiya at Robertson Quay sometime soon.

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loopsnhoops said...

so Aburiya serves the best yakiniku so far??