Thursday, September 29, 2005

Aburiya, Holland Village

Counterclockwise from top: yasai mori, jo tan, and karubi

Hmmm...what's open late at night aside from hawker centres and McDonald's? Oh yes - Aburiya now runs a shop in Holland Village until 1 AM! Ahhh...gotta head down there.

It was worth it. I'm relieved to say that the small pieces of meat were only an acute instance of my ordering the cheaper tan negi. I upgraded to the jo tan tonight and ahh...finally bigger slices. The hosonegi sarada was quite a delight: raw slices of leek marinated in sesame oil and salt. Mmm...that's all my favorite condiments in one bowl - a bit similar to the scallion strips at the Corner Place in LA, but here the negi was so potent that it stung(!). Vampires and first daters must stay away, as this obviously manufactures the worst case of dragon breath ever as a result (especially when combined with all the 20-some-odd garlic cloves provided in the yasai mori).

Unfortunately, I worry that they won't be open that late much longer. It's down on the other end of the street where no foot traffic passes, and there were nearly no customers in there tonight at 11 PM. I'm going to try to go there as much as I can just in case they start cutting down on the hours soon (hmmm...yakiniku for a post-drinking snack? an expensive one at that...).

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