Thursday, July 12, 2007

Burger Joint, San Francisco

Hamburger and Fries

Here's an updated photo of that burger from Burger Joint (at SFO's International Terminal today, but with other locations in the Lower Haight and the Mission). These guys take a healthier tack than the artery-clogger that I was looking for earlier, but the freshness and simplicity are still qualities that I really wish others would aspire to. Witness the perfectly firm tomato slice, thin and mild red onions, and just the right amount of mayo spread onto the crown.

And while they overdid the thin Niman Ranch patty to a disturbingly dry state again (I should have asked them to keep it rare instead...was it for food safety reasons?), at least it gave it such an excitingly flame-broiled taste that it would make Burger King jealous. I also liked how they somehow made the thick-cut fries crispy without being greasy. This was all very refreshing, and just goes to show how simple yet quality ingredients are all that one really needs. Rock on.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Hey, just spotted an article stating that rare patties aren't safe to eat.

Does the fries still have the skin on it? Looks fab! There aren't pickles?

This is going to be on my list. Haha.