Monday, October 08, 2018

Japoli Kitchen at Changi Airport Terminal 2

Pork Shabu Sesame Creamy Pasta

When the ANA folks opened up their Japan Food Court last year, I got my hopes up too high. It turned out that pretty much every stall in there was the same as what one can get from their Eat at Seven area at Suntec. The only one that seemed to be new was a Japanese-Italian place called Japoli, but the menu didn't look very exciting.

Still, I was at the airport this morning for a flight and figured that I'd give it a try. There were very few Japanese items on the menu aside from this Pork Shabu Sesame Creamy Pasta, and unfortunately, I didn't like it, as it was drenched in a slightly sweet sauce reminiscent of bottled sesame salad dressing. I'd much rather go to Yomenya Goemon instead.

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